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1. Question

In order to carry out photosynthesis, a plant needs:

2. Question

Which of the following does NOT play a role in evolutionary change?

3. Question

Osmosis is:

4. Question

In a plant cell, turgor is caused by:

5. Question

In humans, an egg cell is released from an ovary approximately every:

6. Question

Genetic engineering involves:

7. Question

Which one of the following is a biological component of a pond ecosystem?

8. Question

Which of the following are natural barriers to infection?
Ⅰ tears
Ⅱ skin
Ⅲ stomach acid
Ⅳ mucus

9. Question

An alternate form of a gene is called an:

10. Question

In hot conditions the surface blood vessels in the skin undergo vasodilation. This allows:

11. Question

Enzymes are called biological catalysts because they:

12. Question

The following diagram shows a model used to show how breathing movements take place:

Which part of the model represents the diaphragm?

13. Question

Cells become specialised to carry out different roles.This process is called:

14. Question

The length of an insect such as a grasshopper increases in steps.This is because:

15. Question

Which one of the following is the best way to measure growth of an organism?

16. Question

Which of one the following statements about phloem cells is NOT true?

17. Question

The animals shown in the diagram were identified using a dichotomous key based on the visible characteristics listed below:
Ⅰ body shape
Ⅱ number of legs
Ⅲ number of wings
Ⅳ number of eyes
Ⅴ number of antennae
Which characteristics could be used to divide the animals into two groups?

18. Question

Which of the following is NOT transported in phloem?

19. Question

Which of the following are examples of environmental variation in humans?
Ⅰ hair colour
Ⅱ height
Ⅲ intelligence
Ⅳ body mass

20. Question

Leaves are thin and flat:

21. Question

The following are all minerals EXCEPT for:

22. Question

Which of the following statements about photosynthesis is NOT true?

23. Question

Which one of the following structures is responsible for controlling entry and exit of materials into and out of the cell?

24. Question

A relationship between two organisms where one organism derives benefits from the relationship and the other organism derives no benefit, but is not harmed, is called:

25. Question

Enzymes catalyse specific reactions by having an active site where the substrate fits.This theory is called:

26. Question

A typical soil contains mineral particles, humus, water, air and:

27. Question

The part of the brain that processes information from the sense organs is the:

28. Question

The following are all features of insect-pollinated flowers EXCEPT for:

29. Question

The aim of the experiment shown above was to find out if:

30. Question

Decomposers are important in the process of decay because:

31. Question

Simple sugars are called monosaccharides because:

32. Question

Which of the following substances contains the elements carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen?
Ⅱ carbohydrates
Ⅲ lipids
Ⅳ proteins

33. Question

All of the following have endoskeletons EXCEPT for:

34. Question

The chemicals that make up the bodies of animals and plants are called:

35. Question

Oxygen is carried around the body by the:

36. Question

A collection of several tissues which carry out a particular function is called:

37. Question

All of the following are organelles EXCEPT for:

38. Question

Which of the following statements about diffusion is NOT true?

39. Question

A student observed a plant cell through a microscope and made an accurate drawing of the cell. If her drawing was 80 mm in diameter and had a magnification of ×2000, what was the real diameter of the cell?

40. Question

Plants make growth movements in response to all of the following stimuli EXCEPT for:

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