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A molecule of ethene can be described as all of these EXCEPT for:

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The voltages from the electrochemical series are -2.92 for potassium and +0.34 for copper, which shows that:

3. Question

Ammonia gas spreads out faster than hydrogen chloride, showing that it is:

4. Question

All of these are trace elements EXCEPT for:

5. Question

Acid soils can be neutralised by adding:

6. Question

The alloy, brass, contains copper and:

7. Question

The number of carbon atoms in the alcohol, pentanol, is:

8. Question

A salt that contains water of crystallisation is:

9. Question

When black copper oxide is heated with carbon, brown copper metal is produced, which means that compared to copper, carbon is the:

10. Question

All of these are properties of carbon monoxide EXCEPT for:

11. Question

In a water condenser the cooling water enters at:

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The following are all natural materials EXCEPT for:

13. Question

The only one of the following which is NOT a change of state is:

14. Question

One Faraday represents:

15. Question

The number of particles in a mole of any gas is always:

16. Question

For Mg++ to turn into an atom of magnesium metal it must:

17. Question

The units we use for heat given out by a reaction are:

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Different structures based on the same molecular formula are called:

19. Question

The alkane compound with seven carbon atoms is:

20. Question

When two solutions are mixed and give a solid product we call it:

21. Question

The catalyst in the Haber Process is:

22. Question

Herbicides are used to destroy:

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One example of an emulsifying agent is:

24. Question

If the relative atomic mass (RAM) = 1 for hydrogen and 16 for oxygen, the formula mass for H2O2 is:

25. Question

The number of electrons shared in a single covalent bond is:

26. Question

Biological catalysts in yeast are called:

27. Question

1 mole of sodium carbonate weighs 106 g, so the number of moles in 318 g will be:

28. Question

Cooking food improves all of these EXCEPT for:

29. Question

The metal used in food containers whose surface is protected by a strong oxide layer is:

30. Question

The number of double bonds in a molecule of carbon dioxide is:

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Common salt can be used to make all of these EXCEPT for:

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The only common gas that turns moist red litmus paper blue is:

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The Periodic Table is arranged in order of:

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All of these are compounds EXCEPT for:

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The number of electrons in a full electron shell is:

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The halogen, bromine, at room temperature is a:

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All of these materials are used in a blast furnace EXCEPT for:

38. Question

In the modern Periodic Table the elements are arranged:

39. Question

When large molecules are broken down into smaller ones it is called:

40. Question

The halogens are found in:

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