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Hydrocarbons contain carbon and:

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A liquid compound that conducts electricity is:

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The Periodic Table is arranged in order of:

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The only one of the following which is NOT a change of state is:

5. Question

Oxidation can include all of these EXCEPT for:

6. Question

In an atom the neutron is found:

7. Question

All of these elements form allotropes EXCEPT for:

8. Question

To make fertilisers and explosives we need:

9. Question

All of these reactions are exothermic EXCEPT for:

10. Question

The number of atoms in this formula, H2SO4, is:

11. Question

The type of polymerisation used to make polythene is called:

12. Question

To make car bodies we use:

13. Question

All of these are trace elements EXCEPT for:

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If the relative atomic mass (RAM) = 1 for hydrogen and 16 for oxygen, the formula mass for H2O2 is:

15. Question

In electrolysis the anode is the:

16. Question

All of the following are non-metals EXCEPT for:

17. Question

In electrolysing a solution of copper sulphate using copper electrodes, the anode:

18. Question

The common name for silicon dioxide is:

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We can separate an insoluble solid from a liquid using:

20. Question

In making bread the enzymes in yeast break down starch to give:

21. Question

The gas that relights a glowing splint is:

22. Question

None of these solutions in water conducts electricity EXCEPT for:

23. Question

All of these are used as food additives EXCEPT for:

24. Question

The empirical formula, C6H12O6, gives the simplest ratio as:

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We use expanded polystyrene cups for heat of reaction experiments because the cups are:

26. Question

The non-metal used to make margarine is:

27. Question

The two common varieties of chlorine atoms are called:

28. Question

The number of particles in a mole of any gas is always:

29. Question

The state symbol for a solution in water is:

30. Question

To electrolyse solid lead bromide it must first be heated so that:

31. Question

The number of atoms in a diatomic molecule is:

32. Question

Any solution with a pH below 7 must be:

33. Question

When dilute sulphuric acid is electrolysed the two gases produced are hydrogen and:

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The catalyst in the Haber Process is:

35. Question

To remove limescale from a tap you need:

36. Question

To complete the reaction: acid + carbonate → salt + carbon dioxide + ?, we must add the word:

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The major plant nutrients written as NPK refer to phosphorus, nitrogen and:

38. Question

The Earth′s first atmosphere contained all of these gases EXCEPT for:

39. Question

In an endothermic reaction:

40. Question

The number of litres in 2000 cm3 is:

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