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Information Technology
1. Question

All the following are examples of hardware interfaces EXCEPT __________.

2. Question

Two commonly used types of impact printers are __________.

3. Question

Which of the following devices are MOST LIKELY to be used at an airport for border control activities?

4. Question

In an airport, a system consisting of sensors, bar code readers and remote controls is MOST LIKELY used for __________.

5. Question

__________ refers to the number of bits that a microprocessor can manipulate at one time

6. Question

Which of the following items is not a component of a graphical user interface?

7. Question

A financial institution needs only to provide the caller with a limited amount of information. A __________ system is ideal to satisfy this need.

8. Question

All of the following items are widely used input devices EXCEPT the __________.

9. Question

The speed of a dot-matrix printer is measured by the number of __________ that it can print.

10. Question

Banks and other financial institutions utilize __________ technology that automatically verifies the identity of callers wishing to access their accounts.

11. Question

__________ is a type of chip from which data can be erased by exposure to ultraviolet light.

12. Question

The system used by mission control in Houston, Texas to monitor the operation of space exploration vehicles is an example of the __________ processing mode.

13. Question

A __________ is a sub-division of a track that stores data on a disk.

14. Question

All of the following are general purpose software EXCEPT __________.

15. Question

Devices that capture data directly from a source document include all of the following items EXCEPT __________.

16. Question

To which category of software does Microsoft Works belong?

17. Question

__________ is a primary storage device that may be programmed and reprogrammed by the user.

18. Question

A(n) __________ printer is suitable for printing multi-part forms because they easily print through many layers of paper.

19. Question

Eight bits are called a __________.

20. Question

All the following are special purpose software EXCEPT

21. Question

Arrange the following secondary storage devices in order of increasing capacity from smallest to largest: a 1GB memory card, CD-ROM, DVD and a 128 MB flash drive.

22. Question

Which of the following acronyms represents a computer bus primarily designed for the transfer of data between a computer system and a mass storage device?

23. Question

__________ is a temporary holding area for data, application program instructions, and the operating system.

24. Question

The term __________ designates equipment that might be added to a computer system to enhance its functionality.

25. Question

Automated directory assistance services utilize __________ technology for accepting user input.

26. Question

Large-scale applications sometimes refer to a graphic tablet as a __________.

27. Question

Which of the following statements is UNTRUE?

28. Question

All the following software are examples of operating systems EXCEPT

29. Question

All of the following devices are commonly used non-impact printers EXCEPT __________.

30. Question

A __________ is a device that is externally connected to and under the control of the central processing unit.

31. Question

Which device has internal storage in the form of a buffer?

32. Question

In data representation, a __________ represents one character which may be a letter, number, or punctuation mark.

33. Question

Which of the following device interfaces integrates the device controller into the disk or CD drive?

34. Question

__________ enables users to convert the image from a fax modem to text and then edit it.

35. Question

What unit measurement is used to express the speed of memory?

36. Question

__________ are used in specialized fields such as engineering and drafting for outputting large-format drawings.

37. Question

What is the name of the interface used by visually impaired persons to operate a computer system?

38. Question

All of the following are systems programs EXCEPT __________

39. Question

The speed of an ink-jet printer is measured by the number of __________ it can print.

40. Question

A home computer system is equipped with a memory card reader, floppy disk drive, a DVD drive and an internal hard disk, The LEAST an MOST portable media that can be used with this computer are __________.

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