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Integrated Science
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When we are too hot, more blood flows through the capillaries near the surface of the skin. This helps us to cool down because the blood loses heat by:

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The workplace should be:

3. Question

Which of the following can cross the placenta from mother to fetus?

4. Question

The blood cells that engulf invading microorganisms are:

5. Question

Veins have valves because

6. Question

Which of the following properties of water is not important to the survival of living things?

7. Question

Which one of the following lists only differences between aerobic respiration and anaerobic respiration?

8. Question

Some foods contain flavour enhancers. These food additives:

9. Question

When focussing on distant objects:

10. Question

Atherosclerosis is a process in which:

11. Question

A person of blood group AB has:

12. Question

Which one of the following is correct. When we digest our food:

13. Question

Which one of the following comparisons of inhaled and exhaled air is correct?

14. Question

Demersals are fish that are found:

15. Question

Tooth decay can be caused by:

16. Question

The point where two neurones connect is called:

17. Question

Many leaves are adapted to photosynthesise effectively by having:

18. Question

Some plants reproduce by forming bulbs. The new plants that grow from the bulbs will be genetically identical

19. Question

Sea breezes result because:

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