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Social Studies
1. Question

The constitutions of Commonwealth Caribbean countries guarantee citizens freedom of conscience, expression, assembly and movement. These freedoms are usually referred to as

2. Question

In many Caribbean countries the Queen of England is the head of state.

Such countries may be described as

3. Question

Which of the following may result if many people do what the young man in the picture is doing?

1. The rapid growth of cities
2. The growth of shanty towns and squatter settlements
3. The brain drain experienced by many developing countries
4. Inadequate housing, educational and health facilities in urban areas

4. Question

Healthy individuals are beneficial to a country′s development because such individuals are likely to be

5. Question


Which of the following features of Country X may be gathered from the diagram above?

6. Question

THE ITEM refers to the following illustration.

The pattern where many persons make the same decision as the young man in the picture is refered to as

7. Question

Which of the following BEST explains why birth rates have been falling in some Caribbean countries?

8. Question

Difficulty faced at home and the hope of a better life in town BEST illustrate the effect of

9. Question

Which is the MOST appropriate order of tasks for job seeker?

1. Write applications for the desired jobs.
2. Assess the suitability of the available jobs given his/her qualifications and interests.
3. Collect information about available job vacancies.

10. Question

Which of the following is the MOST important aim of the trading arrangements within CARICOM?

11. Question

THE ITEM refer to the following family functions.

The family provides food, clothing and shelter for the children.

12. Question

Which of the following is LEAST likely to lead to the development of the Human Resources of a country?

13. Question

Which of the following statements is true?

14. Question

Which conclusion can be drawn from the table?

15. Question

THE ITEM is based on the following extract.

Unemployment and hard economic conditions have forced both parents in some Caribbean families to migrate, leaving an elder son or daughter to care for the younger brothers and sisters.

Which of the following problem is LEAST likely to affect the younger brothers and sisters?

16. Question

In which of the following countries is proportional representation practised?

17. Question

THE ITEM refer to the following dialogue.

Sita: When Marvin was group leader he was always ordering us about.

Paul: Me, I prefer a group leader who allows members to do as they please.

The leadership style of Marvin as described in the dialogue above is.

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