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Artiste: Teejay
Title: Stackz & Bands (Clean)
Genre: Dancehall | Reggae

The marked price of a stove was $520. A worker bought the stove on hire-purchase by making a down payment of $100, and twelve monthly payments of $40 each.
How much could she have saved if she had bought the stove for the marked price?

Principles Of Accounts

On January 1, a firm's capital is $4,600. On December 31, of the same year, the following information was provided: Drawings $850, Total Assets $10,000. Loan Outstanding $950 and Creditors $4,000. What was the Net Profit that year?

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Teejay - Trigga Finga (Raw)
Teejay - Trigga Finga (Clean)
Teejay - New To This
Teejay - Trigga Finga
Teejay - Moon Light (Raw)
Teejay - Moon Light (Clean)
Teejay, Pg Valentina - Aphrodisia
Teejay - Happy
Teejay - Pretty Like Kylie
Teejay - A Mothers Love
Teejay - Ride (Movay Tuh)
Teejay - Expensive Style
Teejay - Pretty Like Kylie (Raw)
Teejay - Pretty Like Kylie (Clean)
Teejay - Guard Ring
Teejay - Better Them More Than Me
Teejay - Bing Bing
Teejay - Better Them Than Me
Teejay - Gangster Prayer
Teejay - Unfaithful Games (Raw)
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