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Artiste: Takeova
Title: Expose
Genre: Dancehall | Reggae
Social Studies

Which of the following are aspects of the socialization process?

Ⅰ. Reproduction
Ⅱ. Religious teaching
Ⅲ. Recreational activity

Social Studies

THE ITEM refer to the following dialogue.

Sita: When Marvin was group leader he was always ordering us about.

Paul: Me, I prefer a group leader who allows members to do as they please.

Paul′s statement indicates that he prefers a leader with a style that is

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Takeova - Pinky And The Brain
Takeova - Expose
Takeova - Rockstar
Takeova - Dolla Bill (Clean)
Takeova - Reebok
Takeova - Dancehall Trap
TakeOva - Whop Chop
Takeova - Perfect Gift
Takeova - Naturally Hot
Takeova - License Freak
Takeova - Deserve It
Takeova - Rich Lifestyle
Takeova - Regrets
Takeova - Dolla Bill
Takeova - Talk The Truth
Takeova - Too Long
Takeova - Building Block
Takeova - Burden
Takeova - Alien Mode (Raw)
Takeova - Alien Mode (Clean)
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